Never before has the art of visual merchandising been so important.

The Digital Era has flicked the switch on Retail demanding that Retailers’ devise new inspiring ways to connect with their Customers.

Compelling window installations and an engaging store environment will satisfy the unquenchable thirst for entertainment, theatre and ‘content’ that today’s consumers are seeking.

The spotlight shines brightly on stores who value visual merchandising.  Store presentation has become the stage and their products the celebrity.

Customer focused Retailers, large and small, global, national and local have invested heavily in visual merchandising in recent years.  It has been a game changer for the retail industry.  They understand what drives Customers to buy.  Stores who invest in store design, high standards of merchandising and the practise of regular visual merchandising campaigns we are facing a bright future.

Today, you have found this website space, a creative space. Ask yourself, is it time to review your sales environment from a Customers perspective? Do you need the support of a VM consultant to assess how you can raise the bar on the opportunity to drive sales?

My skills are invaluable to today’s Retailers small and large who wish to connect with their Customers. Find out how your store or retail space can benefit from a retail store review by contacting me today.

Retail Specialist Expertise
➲ Visual Merchandising, displays, prop production, styling, merchandising.
➲ Graphic design, signage and ticketing.
➲ Floorplan designs, traffic flow and fixture requirements.
➲ Brand and Visual Merchandising Manual/Best Practise Guides.
➲ Trade Fair/Retail/Wholesale expertise.
➲ Marketing and promotions strategy
➲ Retail Processes and Procedures, Sales Data analysis.
➲ Planning, budgeting and forecasting.
➲ Staff training and appraisals.
➲ Seminar Host.
➲ Design programs including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Website maintenance.