visual merchandising props

It’s just human nature. When something catches our eye, we are drawn to it like a magnet to inspect its value, to touch it’s outer skin, feel it’s comfort and try out it’s suitability to meet our needs. Think of test driving a car, think of trying on hat, smelling the leather of a bag, squeezing the knit of a cashmere throw. The desire to inspect and assess is just human nature.

In a shopping environment full of hundreds of competing products, ideas and solutions it is highly beneficial and often necessary to add props to elevate key products to ensure they stand out. In visual Merchandising I always recommend devising theatrical props, sensory props, or props that clearly identify technical detail to highlight and differentiate key products from the rest.

My creative will always include recommendations of propping as well as styling, to ensure that your key products get noticed. Both in the window display as well as in-store merchandising my philosophy is “See Me, Feel Me, Try Me, Buy Me” – it is a successful equation and highly valuable.

My services include prop making as well sourcing props for the best price, to keep your costs down. As a Mother of 2 young boys I value sustainability. I believe strongly in protecting our environment for our children and minimising waste. As a priority I seek out partnerships where props can be loaned, I scour Charity shops for props which support recycling other peoples treasures, I visit sites which sell industrial by-products to ensure that waste is recovered and recycled as best as possible.

Your props become your part of your in-store VM library to use and reuse time and again which gives you extra value for money. Props can be often be reinvented and recycled into a different creative many times over.

I do not hire props (maybe one day when I have a larger home!), but I do know companies I can contact that do